Redguard is a company specialized in information security and cyber security with headquarters in Bern, Zurich and Neuchâtel. With an independent and neutral range of services, we support over 500 organizations and companies from a wide variety of industries.

Our vision "Our world - digital, agile and secure" underlines our understanding and commitment to a digital and agile world. We contribute to this by protecting value and thus securing the assets and long-term success of our customers.

With our corporate strategy, we are leveraging our strong position and aiming for further growth. We differentiate ourselves in the market by identifying opportunities and chances of new trends early on, with selected focus areas and a visible and tangible Redguard culture. We maintain sustainable relationships and are a service provider and employer of the future.

Our Client's Favorites

  • Penetration Testing

    The penetration test is a technical security review with which we identify and evaluate vulnerabilities - in a defined scope such as networks, systems and applications. In this way, we also find complex security problems and show you clear and effective countermeasures. In addition, we help you, for example, to use container technologies securely and check the corresponding implementation. We also support you in testing the hardening of your systems (Windows, Linux, macOS) or your Cloud infrastructure.

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  • Attack Simulation

    As a business owner, you face a wide range of challenges every day. One of them is maintaining the security of your company's assets. These assets exist not only physically but also increasingly in electronic form. Industrial espionage, cyberattacks, and targeted malware are just a few examples from a long list of risks. With our attack simulation, we comprehensively test the resilience of your organization to cyber attacks.

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  • Data Protection & Data Privacy

    Data protection for your company – finally efficient and practicable. Personal data is an opportunity for your company. However, processing also entails risks – for the data subjects as well as for your company. Address these risks in a targeted manner: We support you in working out, developing and implementing pragmatic measures - based on the nDSG or DSGVO. This makes your daily work easier and supports you in external audits. In addition, you create trust with your customers.

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  • DevSecOps

    Do you have an agile software project that you would like to implement efficiently, cost-effectively and yet securely? By incorporating security from the start and all the way through to going live, you prevent costly, after-the-fact fixes to vulnerabilities and the endangering of sensitive data. DevSecOps ensures smooth interaction between the areas of software development (Dev), security (Sec) and operations (Ops). We ensure that IT Security is integrated optimally and as automatically as possible into your development and operational process - culturally, conceptually and technically. In addition, we support you in all matters relating to the security of containers and Kubernetes.

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  • Security Specialists

    Do you not have the specialists you need for a project or an internal position? As part of our CISO-as-a-Service and DPO-as-a-Service program, we provide you with fast and uncomplicated support in all matters relating to information security and data protection. We support and reduce the workload of your security team on strategic and operational issues. Upon request, we can also train your project managers, security officers and employees in security-related projects.

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