Sustainable value creation requires a secure ICT infrastructure.

Thanks to profound knowledge, years of experience and the most modern technical resources and methods we can check your ICT environment for vulnerabilities and risks. We can accompany you in the implementation of appropriate measures. Independent of the specific area or setting in which the testing and evaluation is to take place, our know-how encompasses the essential factors of modern ICT infrastructures.

We not only use automated testing methods, but also apply the individual and creative approaches of our specialists. Whether systems, networks, mobile or application security, we have the most appropriate solution in focus. We proceed based on international and recognized standards such as Penetration Testing Execution Standards (PTES) and ISO/IEC 2700x. With these, all steps are understandable and transparent, and at the same time the high quality of Redguard’s work is supported.

Sven Vetsch

Sven Vetsch

Partner & Head of Security Research
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Benefit from the profound technical knowledge of Redguard's security specialists.

The Penetration Test is a proven technical security check of vulnerabilities for defined scopes (servers, network components or segments and applications) from the perspective of an attacker. Obvious and hidden vulnerabilities in systems can be recognized early on. An automated scan is followed by an in-depth manual analysis by experienced Redguard experts. The resulting test report delivers constructive tips on how vulnerabilities can be resolved and with which countermeasures.

Your IT infrastructure is attacked. Let us be the first and only ones to be successful.

Attack Simulation simulates a real attack on your organization. We attempt to achieve a pre-defined goal, such as data theft, using common attack techniques. In discussion with you, additional technical attacks, such as a Penetration Test or Social Engineering, could also be deployed. The insights from an Attack Simulation serve as the basis for the risk assessment and for the strengthening of your information security.

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We evaluate your organization holistically and systematically.

A Redguard audit addresses the functionality, effectiveness, and efficiency of a process as it relates to supporting and sustaining information security. The evaluation is usually based on existing documentation and is enhanced with tests and information. Redguard audits cover all aspects of information security and can be augmented with technical analyses and/or extended tests as necessary.

Your ICT environment will be tested using the efficient basic check, «Vulnerability Scan».

Defined scopes, such as server, network components and segment or web applications are checked for vulnerabilities using automated tools. This very efficient procedure can be run in the identical way at any time. Any deviation is recorded and documented. All results are manually prepared by our security specialists and documented in a comprehensive report. We recommend combining the Vulnerability Scan with a Penetration Test in order to eliminate the common errors of automated scanners. Further, many relevant security problems, such as errors in application logic, cannot be identified using automated tests.

Your ICT infrastructure is monitored continuously.

Redguard's «Vulnerability Guard» service enables rapid recognition and detailed evaluation of relevant threats and vulnerabilities in your ICT infrastructure. Practice-proven security specialists support you in the targeted elimination of vulnerabilities. They continuously monitor your infrastructure and report the current state of security for your company's management, and for your IT specialists including the development of the security measures, on a regular basis.

This flexible and scalable service can be exactly adapted to your requirements and also fulfills regulatory and branch-specific requirements.

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To test your security awareness we challenge you and your employees.

The human factor is central to effective information security. Under false pretenses, such as with a fictional identity, Redguard experts attempt to acquire sensitive information. The tests are intentionally exploiting also technical and physical vulnerabilities. The results and insights allow an in-depth risk evaluation regarding the human factor and simultaneously serve as the basis for internal awareness-raising campaigns.

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We support you and accompany you in analyzing your process risks.

A risk analysis involves identification and evaluation of possible risks to a project or plan within a specific context. Thanks to our long experience we can identify and comprehensively evaluate your project or plan for potential risks and particular areas of concern.