We throw down the gauntlet to you and your employees in order to test your security structures. People are crucial in the effective protection of information. Redguard experts use fraudulent means, for instance fictitious identities, in an attempt to obtain sensitive information. In this context, the tests consciously target technical or physical vulnerabilities. The findings and insight acquired in this way enable a meaningful risk assessment of the human factor and can also be used as a basis for internal awareness campaigns.
Dominique Meier

Dominique Meier

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BLS: Awareness Campaign


Our phishing tests attempt to embroil individuals or groups within your organization in an attack. To do this, we use spear phishing, which means targeted attacks on HR managers, IT employees, company accountants, or board members. It involves an attempt to target the persons in a deliberately relevant context in order to encourage them to disclose sensitive information like customer data or login details or even to execute malware on their workstations. Last but not least, this external threat puts the perimeter security through its paces – and therewith also the responsible employees within your organization. Redguard can provide you with a suitable phishing scenario or develop one specifically in collaboration with you.

Social Engineering

Simulated attacks as a means of raising awareness – your employees are the targets. We use fraudulent means, for instance fictitious identities, in an attempt to trick your employees. This involves gaining access to your premises, requesting sensitive information or involving people in downstream cyberattacks. Social engineering tests are a means of raising awareness and hence establishing a culture of security within your organization. They can be implemented as part of an awareness campaign or within the framework of an Attack simulation. The findings and insight are described in a report. There is also the option of recording and processing the missions on video.