Redguard was founded by equal partners. Having worked together for many years we knew each other’s strengths and decided to combine them in Redguard.

Redguard's strategic aim is to serve you with objective, independent advice and support in addressing your information security challenges. We want to transfer to you our many years of experience, knowledge and know-how in a sustainable way. This means you and your requirements are always the prime focus of our thinking and activities.

We operate from principles of fairness, transparence and sustainability when working with you.

Alexander Hermann

Alexander Hermann

Managing Partner
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Why Redguard

Our single aim is the secure protection of your assets. In order to accomplish this we update our information security knowledge daily. Holistic and integrative thinking is always the basis of our actions.

In our daily work we focus on the three core topics, Audit/Testing, Consulting and Training and always take into account technology, organization and the human factor.

Our employees come from a variety of professions and, accordingly, focus on specialized topics within information security.

Redguard's consulting principles:

  • We consult and advise objectively and independently.
  • Consultation comprises technical, organizational and human aspects.
  • Our central values are fairness, transparency, and sustainability.
  • We communicate clearly and understandably to all stakeholders.
  • Our advice applies to your specific business processes.

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Our principles are the basis for successful collaboration with our clients. They also serve as a foundation among the employees.



Redguard's management is responsible for daily operations and for the strategic decisions of the company. Each member of management has many years experience across the full spectrum of information security issues.


Alexander Hermann

Managing Partner

In his role as the Managing Partner Alexander Hermann is responsible for the operational and strategical leadership of Redguard. With more than ten years of experience in the realms of information security he is an experienced consultant. He holds a degree in Business Information Technology as well as numerous certifications in the security sector including Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). In addition to his work at Redguard he serves as Vice President of the Information Security Society Switzerland (ISSS).


Dominique Meier

Partner & Head of Operations

Occupying the position of the Head of Operations, Dominique is leading the operational business segment. He successfully completed his studies in Business Information Technology at the Hochschule Luzern für Wirtschaft (HSLU). Dominique is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). Additionally, he is a member of various IT and information security associations and volunteers as an examination expert for the training of youth pursuing an IT apprenticeship in the area of Zurich.


Sven Vetsch

Partner & Head of Security Research

As Head of Security Research at Redguard, Sven is responsible to further improve Redguard’s offensive and defensive capabilities and to stay on the bleeding edge of any development regarding information security. He’s leader of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) local chapter in Switzerland and a founding member of DEFCON Switzerland.


Kuno Brodscholl

Partner & Head of Sales

In his position as the Head of Sales Kuno is responsible for the sales and customer care. Following his studies of communication science, he has been able to acquire a wealth of experience in his role as a consultant in the fields of marketing and communication. In addition to his sales knowledge he has also gathered experience internationally.


We are a team of experienced and innovative specialists from the most diverse areas of information security. We love to protect your company assets from hackers and put our entire commitment into our work. Our approximately 30 employees bring a varied range of knowledge; they are highly qualified and motivated to optimally implement your requirements. Certifications and continuous training supplement the profile of each individual employee.


ISSS - Information Security Society Switzerland

The Information Security Society Switzerland (ISSS) is the leading specialist association in Switzerland for ICT security, which today consists of more than 1100 security professionals and security interested people from the industry, governmental organizations and academia.

Swiss Cyber Experts

Swiss Cyber Experts has been founded in 2014 to support the federal government and the cantons in case of severe cyber incidents by providing analytical know-how. Swiss Cyber Experts and the Federal IT Steering Unit / MELANI concluded a cooperation agreement and thereby founded a public private partnership (PPP).


As a highly competent partner we have won the confidence of many companies and organizations from a variety of areas in Switzerland and abroad. We are proud of our relationships with and accomplishments for our clients and continue to work for the protection of their assets every day.

Whether financial services, insurers, power companies, governmental institutions or industrial operations we successfully operate in many organizations, branches and environments. We are used to working within wide-ranging requirements and guidelines, providing practical advice that successfully addresses security challenges.

Selected examples of cooperation you find hereafter as Success Stories. Further information and references we will provide on request and in agreement with our customers.

Success Stories

Security for a new product. dormakaba Schweiz AG had the new access solution exivo tested by the security experts at Redguard. Thereby the starting position was not without challenges: exivo is developed and operated in the cloud, it connects virtual and physical components (Internet of Things) and the work and testing of Redguard had to keep pace with an agile software development.

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Every day KIBAG Dienstleistungen AG must protect its own corporate assets. Those assets exist not only physically but also in the form of electronic data. Targeted cyber-attacks and malware designed for industrial espionage become more common as a risk to the companies most valuable information. To improve their security measures and get insights on their actual defense performance, KIBAG had Redguard performing an attack simulation on their corporate IT infrastructure.

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The CSS Group insures around 1.66 million people and is one of Switzerland's leading health, accident, and property insurers. CSS provides information that offers guidance and support in health decision-making. To ensure that these services can be provided, CSS Insurance operates a modern and versatile ICT landscape. Anticipatory ICT risk management helps that the data security is ensured at all times.

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Digitalization is leading to far-reaching changes in Swiss health care. New chances and possibilities also come with dangers and risks. Especially the areas of protection and security for the patient data. An important pillar is the electronic patient dossier (EPD for short). With the enactment of the federal law in March 2017, implementation will occur in the following years. On behalf of eHealth Suisse we have developed the implementation assistance for data protection and data security.

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Security is every organization's concern. The municipality of Vilters-Wangs followed this device and had its environments checked for possible vulnerabilities in a comprehensive penetration test and a prior security audit.

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Delta Electronics (Switzerland) AG in Bern designs and manufactures modular power supplies for telecommunication and IT applications. A penetration test was carried out by Redguard AG to assess the security level of the ORION controller.

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