As a competent partner, we have earned the trust of many companies and organizations in a variety of industries in Switzerland and abroad. We are proud of this achievement and remain committed to preserving this trust, day for day.

Financial services providers, insurance companies, power companies, government agencies and industrial firms: We operate successfully in many organizations, industries and environments and are accustomed to addressing the various requirements and regulations, which we implement successfully with purposeful and practical consultancy.

Browse the following success stories for selected examples of our collaboration. We will gladly provide more detailed information and references on request and after consulting with our clients.

Success Stories

Security for a new product. dormakaba Schweiz AG had the new access solution exivo tested by the security experts at Redguard. Thereby the starting position was not without challenges: exivo is developed and operated in the cloud, it connects virtual and physical components (Internet of Things) and the work and testing of Redguard had to keep pace with an agile software development.

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Every day KIBAG Dienstleistungen AG must protect its own corporate assets. Those assets exist not only physically but also in the form of electronic data. Targeted cyber-attacks and malware designed for industrial espionage become more common as a risk to the companies most valuable information. To improve their security measures and get insights on their actual defense performance, KIBAG had Redguard performing an attack simulation on their corporate IT infrastructure.

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Digitalization is leading to far-reaching changes in Swiss health care. New chances and possibilities also come with dangers and risks. Especially the areas of protection and security for the patient data. An important pillar is the electronic patient dossier (EPD for short). With the enactment of the federal law in March 2017, implementation will occur in the following years. On behalf of eHealth Suisse we have developed the implementation assistance for data protection and data security.

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The increasing digitalisation and interconnectivity in the health care system opens up new possibilities and thus contributes to the improvement of treatment processes and the advancement of quality in medicine. In addition to the advantages, however, it also involves risks in the area of data protection and data security: Together with the FMH, we have compiled 11 recommendations for general practitioners to ensure minimal basic IT protection.

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The CSS Group insures around 1.66 million people and is one of Switzerland's leading health, accident, and property insurers. CSS provides information that offers guidance and support in health decision-making. To ensure that these services can be provided, CSS Insurance operates a modern and versatile ICT landscape. Anticipatory ICT risk management helps that the data security is ensured at all times.

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In a comprehensive security audit followed by a penetration test, Vilters-Wangs’ electricity plant had its network checked for vulnerabilities. This also included the Internet of Things component of the smart meters for remote reading of electricity consumption.

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Delta Electronics (Switzerland) AG in Bern designs and manufactures modular power supplies for telecommunication and IT applications. A penetration test was carried out by Redguard AG to assess the security level of the ORION controller.

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In order to ensure water and power supply at all times, EW Rothrist AG has carried out a situation analysis of cyber risks, improved systems and processes, trained employees and anchored information security as a strategic topic in the company management. They implemented the Minimum ICT standard pragmatically and within a short period of time – thanks to the great commitment of those responsible at EW Rothrist and the support of Redguard.

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Corporate assets such as research and development data are potential targets for a possible external attack, and Uster Technologies strives to protect these values and data against cyber-attacks. Therefore, the company underwent a 360-degree review to uncover potential vulnerabilities.

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Coop Mineraloel AG, the leading company for petrol stations and convenience stores, regards IT security as a substantial part of risk management. Concerns and urgent problems should be dealt with immediately – that’s why they chose Redguard’s “Security Officer as a Service” as an all-round carefree package.

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Awareness campaigns can be educational, entertaining and motivating. BLS shows how this works: in an extensive awareness campaign, they sensitized 3,500 employees to various aspects of information security within four weeks.

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bellicon is the leading manufacturer of high quality mini trampolines and distributes them worldwide. A video platform called bellicon Home is now available. In order to guarantee the security of the online platform, Redguard was commissioned to carry out a penetration test and a source code review.

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