Securing your assets – this is our primary objective at Redguard. We fulfil this task based on our consistently updated, holistic knowledge and on our integrative approach to all aspects of information security. The three core aspects of audit & testing, consulting and training define the daily work at Redguard, covering all technological, organizational and human aspects of information security.

Our employees come from a variety of professional fields and address different focus areas of information security within their work.

Redguard's consulting principles:

  • We provide you with independent and unbiased advice.
  • Consulting extends to technical, organizational and human aspects.
  • Fairness, transparency and sustainability are our key values.
  • We communicate in comprehensible language that all our stakeholders can understand.
  • Consulting is always designed to address your specific business processes.

Company Presentation

Information Security
is our core business
from suppliers and products
Broad and deep knowledge
Growing expertise through research activities
Security tested company
Federal assessment of our employees
tools and methods
Over 300 customer projects
successfully completed
Long-standing and versatile experience
in various industries
Extensive network
in the field of information security