Modern cyberattacks often exploit people’s credulity or gullibility. How individuals behave can place the enterprise-wide security chain at serious risk. Our five-phase concept to raise your staff awareness addresses this lack of expertise or interest and ensures the necessary sensitization. Allow us to raise your staff awareness. We help you to revise and improve your behavioral patterns in regard to information security and data privacy. In this regard, we seek to change attitudes: Security needs to be associated with positive emotions and make a conscious contribution to improving your enterprise.
Dominique Meier

Dominique Meier

Partner & Head of Customer Success
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Factsheet «Awareness-raising campaign»

BLS: Awareness Campaign

Your benefits

  • A team of security experts with a variety of specializations and long-standing experience is at your disposal
  • Tailored modules that can be customized to suit your requirements
  • Measurement of security awareness and its development during the campaign
  • Trained, informed and sustainably aware employees
  • Correct and secure handling of sensitive information, data and IT systems
  • Development of missing processes and documents or their updating based on the findings of the campaign

Campaign kick-off

Our service is structured into individually designed modules. We start with a joint planning meeting, in which we determine the individual scope and topical focuses of the campaign. You will have a competent project manager at your disposal to provide assistance throughout the project.

Creating awareness and acceptance

We use simulated attacks on employees during the phase of 'creating awareness and acceptance' to draw their attention to potential risks and threats. Your employees need to realize the importance of their personal contribution.

Achieving awareness

The purpose of the 'awareness phase' is to communicate the necessary knowledge in all areas of information security and to teach appropriate behavior for the correct handling of information security. The necessary expertise is conveyed in special training seminars.

Effectiveness review

The upstream phases have given your employees a strong awareness for information security and they have learned how to behave professionally in security-relevant situations. This phase uses suitable tools to measure the current awareness levels.

Campaign conclusion

The final report summarizes the starting point, the applied methods, the findings and the conclusions. This phase is also used to collect feedback from your employees and to define your 'lessons learned'.