Your security stands and falls with your weakest employee

Your attacker only needs one of your employees to harm you: Just one moment when the employee is inattentive, gullible, helpful, ignorant or unsure. People are the gateway for attackers more often than technology. Test your employees and make them aware of devious fraud attempts via e-mail, telephone or personal contact.

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Employees become involved as soon as they recognise the contribution they can make

The attention and motivation of employees is a crucial factor for the success of an awareness campaign. Employees often feel they are being monitored or do not see the point of the campaign. This is why at Redguard we focus on changing attitudes: Security should trigger a positive feeling and bring about a conscious contribution to the improvement of the company. We achieve this with our tried and tested, varied programme.

How Redguard trains your employees to become detectives - in five phases:

1 – Develop an individual campaign

We determine the topics your employees should be made aware of and those that are relevant for your company in cooperation with you. We also include your processes, systems and corporate culture.

2 – Attract attention and gain acceptance

Through live hackings, your employees will impressively experience how quickly a password can be cracked or how easy it is to set up a seemingly trustworthy WLAN. This makes your employees realise just how important their personal contribution is. Our information notice increases this motivation. During the campaign, your team will be accompanied by little Coach James, our awareness figure. He helps to sustainably anchor what has been learned and is always present in e-learning and as a life- size figure.

To enable you to measure the success of the campaign, we check the current level of awareness. of your employees by means of simulated attacks: E-mail phishing, voice phishing, physical access and QR codes.

James motivates your employees sympathetically and humorously during the campaign

3 – Raising awareness

Employees develop a strong awareness of (information) security and learn to behave correctly in security-related situations - interactively, motivationally and sustainably thanks to the following tools:

  • Presence training
  • E-learning
  • Security workshops
  • Security videos (OWASP)
  • Quiz for each topic block with direct solutions
  • Little security pocket book
  • Guide to security issues
  • Behaviour checklists
  • Flyer
  • Screensaver
  • Poster

Behaviour checklists help your employees in their daily work

4 – Check the effectiveness of the campaign

We check the new awareness level of your employees on the basis of Social Engineering as in phase two and an awareness quiz.

5 – Complete campaign

We will discuss the final report with you, which includes the following: Initial situation, methods used, tested effectiveness, results, identified weaknesses and recommended measures. Your employees will receive an information letter at the end of this process.

Why your company benefits from an awareness campaign

  • Prevent costly damage such as data leaks, viruses and image loss
  • Improve processes and technical and physical vulnerabilities
  • Measure the safety awareness of your employees
  • Check your employees and make them aware of their individual risks
  • Motivate your employees to become involved in corporate security
  • Obtain behavioural checklists, reminders, guides and much more for your team.

Phishing attacks are successful more often than you think - and can cause significant damage to your company. Do you want to protect your company? Awareness campaigns are the most effective countermeasure. Receive advice and learn what makes sense for your company.