Stay operational thanks to BCM

When your IT is affected by disruptions such as a cyber-attack (incident) or other crises (natural disasters, power shortages, etc.), it can make critical business processes in your organisation difficult or even impossible. To ensure that you are prepared in this event, we support you in setting up and maintaining a Business Continuity Management (BCM) system - from the initial analysis to regular tests. This enables you to maintain your business activity during a crisis or to restore it completely in good time.

Selected references on the subject

How we support you with your BCM system

  • Development of BCM concepts
  • Creation of a business impact analysis (BIA)
  • recovery point objective (RPO), recovery time objective (RTO) and maximum tolerable period of disruption (MTPD)
  • Defining emergency organisation and emergency operations
  • Development of restart plans and utilities
  • Planning and conducting training to verify and optimise your business continuity plans
  • Planning and conducting regular tests (e.g. table-top exercise)

Why your company benefits from a BCM system

  • You receive an overview of your critical business processes and how they can be maintained in the event of a crisis
  • Events such as technical or human failure, cyber attacks, pandemics or natural disasters do not catch you unprepared
  • Your employees are trained to respond optimally in crises
  • A BCM system prevents costly downtime and interruptions

Do you want to be able to continue your business even during a crisis? We prepare everything with you so that you can fall back on your BCM system in this situation. Let us advise you and find out what makes sense for your business.