Measure your Cyber Security

We perceive cyber security as an addition and expansion of conventional information security – with a focus on active attacks with potentially significant repercussions.

Together we increase the cyber resilience of your organization to reduce the risk of a cyberattack. At the same time, we take the necessary preparations to ensure that any cyberattack is quickly detected and meaningfully restricted. We also assist you during or after a security incident.

Our services follow the NIST Cybersecurity Framework based on which we prepare for you an customized set of measures from the disciplines of 'identify', 'protect', 'detect', 'respond' and 'recover'.

We use the cyber security assessment to evaluate your cyber security dispositive from holistic and strategic perspectives. The findings obtained can be used to define and implement purposeful measures at a variety of levels, which all protect your organization against cyberattacks. Should you wish to expose your company to a simulated attack, we would also be pleased to offer our Attack Simulation.

Selected references on the subject


Cyberattacks present an increasingly serious threat to organizations and enterprises operating in all industries. To counter this threat, we holistically analyze and assess your cyber security dispositive. This gives you transparent insight into your company’s current threat situation. We use the findings to deliver specific measures for protection from cyberattacks. The cyber security assessment by Redguard is based on the established and recognized Cybersecurity Framework by NIST.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Neutral and unbiased assessment of your status quo
  • Identification of your critical company assets
  • Understanding of perpetrator groups that are relevant to you, their attack vectors, methods and therefore your threat situation
  • Identification of measures for the cyber enhancement and optimization of your dispositive
  • Determination of areas of action and measures with due consideration of the threat situation
  • Long-standing experience of our security experts with a variety of specializations at your disposal


The first step is a workshop with your management team to assess the threat situation. Together with your team and based on critical company assets, we identify possible perpetrator groups, their methods and attack vectors (threat modelling). This shows the specific threat situation for your company and can then be used to align the cyber security measures. In a second step, the Redguard specialists join with your experts to determine processes and current security precautions against cyberattacks in your company. This visualizes any gaps or vulnerabilities in the current cyber security dispositive at the levels of technology, organization and human resources.

Action plans

Together we prepare the calls to action, which consist of a variety of measures to strengthen your cyber security. Each of these measures can be assigned to one of the five phases of the Cybersecurity Framework by NIST (identify, protect, detect, respond and recover). A maturity model and the desired level of maturity for your organization are determined for all phases within the Cybersecurity Framework. The Redguard specialists collaborate with you to assemble the ideal set of measures for your organization.