A security incident can occur even if you're prepared and your employees are trained. When a cyberattack occurs, it is of central importance that you react immediately and purposefully.

Our security specialists will help you prepare for a cyber attack. During an attack, you can also count on the support of our team for Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) . We make sure that no valuable time is lost and that your company suffers as little damage as possible.

Contact Incident Response Team!

Do you have an acute cyber security incident? We are at your disposal 24/7.

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Email: incident@redguard.ch

For companies only. Guaranteed availability with prior written agreement.

Incident readiness – perfectly prepared

In addition to preventive measures, we support you also in building up a suitable cyber incident organisation and the creation of a Cyber Incident Planning:

  • Preparation of an incident management strategy
  • Raising of awareness and training of the target groups (management and specialists)
  • Determination of responsibilities and roles
  • Creation of templates (Incident Response Playbook) for realistic scenarios (immediate measures, communication channels, communication guidelines)
  • Planning and implementation of simulations and exercises, e.g. Table Top Exercises (TTX), possibly in combination with a attack simulation
  • Building up of an internal incident response team

Incident response team – you're not alone in an cyber emergency

Our specialists for Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) support you around the clock in containing and analyzing cyber incidents, especially in the event of a ransomware attack, and in restoring your business operations.

Our incident response team has all the expertise that is required (technology, regulatory provisions, etc.) and is constantly in contact with the authorities and other IR teams.

We ensure a structured process and level heads.

  • Guaranteed availability and on-site presence (up to 24/7 if required)
  • Formulation and implementation of immediate measures for containing the incident
  • Coordination of the activities and parties: support in formulating the communication measures and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory notification obligations, preparation of bases for decision making, contact with the authorities
  • Technical analysis of the incident
  • Support in restoring ICT systems and business operations
  • Documentation and summary of findings (debriefing, lessons learned, final report)
  • Support with optimised preparation at the technical and organisational levels

Member of FIRST
Our Cyber Security Incident Response Team (Redguard-CSIRT) is now officially part of the international FIRST community. FIRST brings together incident response and security teams from all countries around the world to ensure a secure Internet for all and limit the damage of security incidents.

Do you want to be prepared for an incident and benefit from a structured process? Do you want to keep the damage as small as possible and restore your daily business operations as quickly as possible? Ask for a consultation and find out what makes sense for your company.