Practically implemented and automated security

In addition to organisational security consulting and security testing, we also offer our customers advice on security engineering and security automation to ensure the security of systems and processes at a technical level.

Our security engineering services can help make your organisation's security processes more efficient and enable faster response to threats. We also help with the evaluation and active development of security solutions tailored to your specific needs. Security automation can also help automate manual and recurring security tasks, freeing up resources for other important tasks.

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Our Services

DevSecOps & agile security coaching

The DevSecOps approach is suitable for making software development agile, automated, and secure - for optimal interaction between software development (Dev), security (Sec), and system administrators (Ops).

Security elements are directly integrated into the processes and tools of software development and IT operations, ensuring that information and IT security departments are always "in the loop" and can enforce existing requirements without impeding the work of software developers and system administrators.

We support you with consulting and conceptual definitions as well as individual coaching to accompany the introduction of DevSecOps or general agile security practices. This ensures that DevSecOps is successfully introduced in your organisation and all areas involved are more efficient and transparent in the long term.

Container Security & Kubernetes Security

The trend continues towards the "containerisation" of applications and abstraction of infrastructure. With the use of containers and appropriate infrastructure (usually Kubernetes), you can save costs and remain flexible.

However, the complexity often leads to existing security requirements not being met or being inadequately met in the new container world with Kubernetes or not being compatible with company concepts. Opportunities for increasing security are also often missed because the project team lacks the necessary experience.

Our security engineering team is available to you in all matters concerning the security of containers and Kubernetes. Based on our many years of experience and corresponding certifications, we support you conceptually as well as in implementation, with training or security checks.

Security Automation

Security can also be automated. A simple check for API keys being checked into a Git repository, static code analysis, or vulnerability scans - we can help you automate security. In addition to technical vulnerability checks, we also automate compliance issues under the motto "compliance as code." Our security engineers also actively support you in integrating existing older infrastructure with DevSecOps tools.