Security specialists on demand

Do you not have the specialists you need for a project or an internal position? We provide you with fast and straightforward support in all matters relating to information security and data protection. We support and reduce the workload of your security team on strategic and operational issues. Upon request, we can also train your project managers, security officers and employees in security-related projects.

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Our Services

(Chief) Information Security Officer (CISO)

We support your existing information security team with additional resources and experience or set this up internally at your premises. Among other things, we offer you the following in this role:

Security Architect

As a security architect, we are your partner for the design of a robust and security-centered IT infrastructure, taking into account technological developments and trends both on-premises and in the cloud. You benefit from the following advantages:

  • Design and development of a practicable and resilient target security architecture for your on-premises or cloud environment
  • Definition and establishment of architecture specifications and principles to improve and strengthen your existing IT processes
  • Support and coaching of existing engineering and operations teams in the development of suitable solution models, taking into account internal and external requirements

Data Privacy / Protection Officer as a Service

We will be pleased to take on the role of data protection officer, data protection advisor, data protection specialist or their respective deputies. We devote ourselves to the following tasks, but not exclusively:

  • Performing data protection clarifications
  • Training and advising the data controller on data protection issues / raising employee awareness
  • Involvement in the implementation of data protection regulations
  • Supervision of the processing of personal data in accordance with the relevant regulations including corrective measures
  • Developing and updating guidelines and directives
  • Preparation and analysis of data protection impact assessments (DPIA)
  • Support and monitoring of projects in the area of data protection
  • Performance of annual audits including reporting with risk analysis
  • Construction and maintenance of a data protection management system (DPMS)

Security Engineer

In the role of the security engineer, we ensure the security of the IT infrastructure in your company and immediately eliminate potential sources of error. In doing so, we do not take on the following tasks exclusively:

  • Supporting the introduction and implementation of DevSecOps practices and tooling
  • Review of DevSecOps practices and tool integration into the CI/CD pipeline
  • Consultation, conceptualisation and reviews of security architectures and designs
  • Support in secure software development, e.g. by defining a secure software development life cycle (SSDLC).
  • System hardening
  • Training for, among others:
    • Threat modelling
    • DevSecOps
    • Security automation
    • Agile security organisations
    • Container security & Kubernetes security
    • Cloud security

In addition, we also instruct your internal staff with our training courses. Do you have questions or require support for a project, a measure or to support you in your everyday activities? We will be pleased to advise you without obligation.