Highly trained employees are half the battle

Do you want to build up internal expertise, train on specific topics or a project, or increase the security awareness of your employees? We provide training in all our key performance areas. Our offers are developed and led by our safety specialists - they are practical and easy to understand. We create training that is tailored to your requirements and target group - for groups or individuals, anywhere in the world. Or hire external specialists - for your project or your company.

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Live Hacking Events

«You are the target!» People are the targets of modern attacks.

Besides technical security measures, it is essential that your employees possess a high level of security awareness. Our live hacking presentations are practical demonstrations of how simple it is to mount an attack and that effective protection is only possible if each individual employee makes a contribution. This means that employees need to realize that attackers looking to access sensitive data are focusing on them.

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Security E-Learnings

Redguard AG offers you a wide range of E-Learning courses on various topics to help you expand your employees' knowledge and skills in different aspects of security. From basic security concepts to advanced topics, various modules are available. Our short, 10-15 minute videos make learning easy and convenient.

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Container Security & Kubernetes Security

Standardization and flexibility are taken to a new level through the use of application containers. Software is used to model infrastructure components and to ensure their rapid adaptability. This makes ICT flexible and scalable and enables its modification to suit your business needs at any time. In this course, we introduce you to the topic of dockers with a particular emphasis on security. You learn how dockers work and how container technologies and SecDevOps approaches produce a secure and more efficient ICT environment.

In this training, we highlight the security aspect of using (Docker) containers and Kubernetes. Participants will learn how container technologies basically work, what threats exist and how to address them effectively. This allows you not only to use container technologies securely, but even to increase the security level compared to the classic infrastructure.

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Secure Development

Web applications are often exposed to attacks. We train your software architects, developers and project managers so that you can take this into account during the development of your application. Benefit from methods for sustainable secure applications with hands-on exercises.

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The Metasploit framework is one of the most comprehensive and powerful tools in the area of security testing and exploiting. Administrators can use the sophisticated tool to check and rectify system vulnerabilities. In this training, we introduce you to the basics of this framework and show which tests you can apply.

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Custom Training

Are you looking for training that is not listed? We provide training in all our key performance areas. We will be pleased to design a specific offer for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Train your employees specifically in areas where your team still lacks expertise. Ask for a consultation and find out what makes sense for your company.

Do you have any questions about our training courses or would you like advice on which training course is best for you? Contact us without obligation.